Shimla Mandi Goods Transport

We understand your company’s logistic needs. Our personal involvement and global network ensure that your shipments will meet all regional, national and global regulations to help minimize delays and maximize productivity.

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Our visions

To offer our clients superior logistics solutions based on the creativity and on the ongoing optimization of our operations; focused on the actual costs reduction, consistently investing in the personal growth and respecting our accomplices and technical improvement of our partners.

Our mission

Our mission is to serve our customers in the global logistics by providing creative, cost-effective supply chain solutions that continually meet and exceed our customers' expectations and provide unquestionable value. We are committed to our relationship with our customers and their success.

Our values

We create real value for our clients and employees through innovative solutions, rewarding careers and financial growth. We believe in true openness and transparency throughout our company. Our management actively encourages open communication and dialogue at every level of the organisation. Our business is built on integrity.

Supply Chain Solution, Freight Transportation, Warehousing & Distribution – We connect you Globally


Our commitment to clients has been the driving force in our continued growth. We know that genuine success is about customer satisfaction, so we have made it our objective to continue to develop the services that will save our clients time and money.

Reliable Carriers

We hold our carriers in the highest regard, in light of the fact that without them our shipments would not be moved. We build trustworthy working relationships with carriers who maintain regular loads for us, and in turn, we provide them with 24-hour dispatch and direction communication to eliminate confusion. Besides, our carriers deal solely with one dispatcher who maintains their account and rating. Overdrive provides payment to our carriers within 21 days of invoice receipt and clear evidence of delivery.


By partnering with SMGT, you’ll benefit from our years of combined experience. We understand that success comes from satisfying clients and we know how to develop the solutions that create satisfied clients. You’ll trust us as a partner that knows how to handle your transportation needs with precision and efficiency.

Happy Clients